PostHeaderIcon How to make your terrace safe

A terrace is an important part of any home or building. If you are working in a multi storeyed building, where will you sneak to have a smoke? Where will your company host parties? Where will you enjoy the view of the city? These little yet subtle things happen only on the terrace. But a terrace can be dangerous as it provides a way for Burglars to enter your place.

So, making your terrace safe is an important task. Most of the apartments and buildings these days use one way doors on the terrace which can be opened only from the inside. If Burglars and Thieves try to enter into the building through the terrace door, the one way door will prove worthy! You can attach security cameras on the terrace and monitor them through a universal screen or you can attach iron grids over the terrace which will prevent anyone from entering the terrace from top.

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