PostHeaderIcon How to pick fabric for centre table covers

You may spend thousands on your home decor, but a simple decor item which can give your home an absolutely new look is fabric. Be it elegant table covers, or bright cushion covers, fabrics work fantastically to give your home a well deserved makeover. Now, while picking table covers, few essential criteria should be kept in mind if you want to pick the perfect fabric.

Now, the first factor which should be considered is the quality of the fabric. Since it is a major aspect, make sure that you do not hesitate to spend the wee bit extra to get the best. Investing in a good fabric will make it last for long years, hence purchase wisely. Polyester and durable cotton are best picks when it comes to fabric for table cloth. Satins and silks though might look aesthetically pleasant, but are not best suited to serve the purpose.

Next, comes colour. Pick something which is slightly towards the darker hue. This will prevent it from staining. Also pick something which compliments the rest of the decor. An odd colour combination with stick out badly and will spoil your effort.

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