PostHeaderIcon How to select wall colors for a teen’s bedroom

Home painting, home decorIf you have the enormous task of decorating a teenager’s room then here are a few tips that can definitely help you out:
• If you have a daughter then luckily there are plenty of options to play with. Young girls love colors and all the bright ones! This gives you ample opportunity to play with colors and make the room look as lively as possible! Opt for spring colors for three walls and paint one wall with different colored leaves! This will give the room an amazing look!
• If you have a son on the other hand then deciding on the wall colors together with your son is a good idea. Guys are very sensitive to girlish colors and therefore it is best to let them decide. Geometric patterns on the wall or wallpapers of rock stars are definitely a good idea! If you have a serious kid then opt for lighter and neutral shades.

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