PostHeaderIcon Importance of Feng Shui in your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of utilizing the positive energy (chi) to bring harmony and prosperity in your home in connection with your personal energy. Here are some tips to make a happy home with Feng Shui.

Do not keep your rooms messy, it hinders the easy flow of chi. Moving water facilitates easy flow of positive energy. Thus place a bowl of fresh water near your entrance and drawing room. Fresh flowers are also important. Do not forget to throw away the dried ones. Shift your bed if it faces bathroom or the doorway and do not place mirrors at the footboards of your bed. Sleeping on mats on floors restricts the circulation of positive chi around you while you are sleeping.

Do not keep beds under the ceiling. It affects your marriage and health. Avoid bunk beds for children. They can develop learning and health issues. Place “laughing Buddha” statues in various parts of your home.

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