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indoor air qualityIndoor air quality (IAQ) refers to a term which means to the air quality within and at the vicinity of other structures and buildings. It may however, relate to the comfort and health of the people living in the building.  Learning about the IAQ means to get involved in the gatherings of the air samples, maintaining human exposure to made pollutants, gathering of the samples on computer modelling of air flow inside the building and the building surfaces.

The IAQ may be affected by the gases which include carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, particulates, radon and microbial contaminants like bacteria and mould. It might refer to any energy or mass stressor which may induce bad health situations. The source control, use of ventilation and filtration in order to result in the dilution of contaminants are one of the primary ways to improve the indoor air quality of most of the buildings. Few of the perils that might arise are:

  • Headaches are the worst of the problems that arise
  • Skin irritations along with Itchy eyes are also very common
  • Sinus infections also happen
  • Nose bleeds are a major concern
  • Breathing problems take place in one out of every third person


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