PostHeaderIcon Keeping Your Stainless Steel Appliances Spot Free

Home care, home appliancesWhen you have steel appliances at home, you need to take extra care of them as they can’t be cleaned like the rest of the appliances. Steel is durable and resistant to rusting but only to a certain limit. You should keep them in places which are not prone to a lot of moisture. For example keep them away from windows, taps and cooking stoves or gas. Special steel cleaners and solutions are available at stores. Natural cleaners like vinegar can also work.

Take a soft cotton cloth and scrub them gently with these cleaners once a week and wipe them completely dry. You can also use a dry cloth to clean off daily dust every day. You should make sure that after using these appliances you clean them properly. Mixers, grinders and other appliances should be completely clean off all the food residue as that could lead to moisture build up and also microbial growth.

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