PostHeaderIcon Kitchen Hazards and Quick Fixes

Kitchen is considered as to be the most accidental place of one’s house. Talking about mishaps, kitchen turns out to be the worst hit with mishaps in a house. A mishap can happen through slipping on wet floor or gas leakage or electric short circuit.

To avid slipping on wet floor one can use anti skid material for their flooring in kitchen and to avoid short circuits, one can use anti shock absorbing switch boards. One must even keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area to avoid any fire which may arise at any time. The lighting in the kitchen should even be proper.
One must avoid wearing synthetic clothes when they are working in the kitchen. Sharp items like knives, etc should be placed properly. One should even try to install smoke detectors in their premises. One must set their hot water heater up to 120F only so that the risk of burns occurring would be reduced.

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