PostHeaderIcon Light your way to a lustrous drawing room

Drawing room is the centre of activity in most houses. Watching television, playing games, working, chatting, partying are common activities that are performed in this room. The combination of these numerous activities calls for proper lighting facilities that not only serves the purpose but also creates an ambience. A lustrous drawing room is a wish for most home owners and there are many ways to attain it.

Managing the flow of natural light is very important. The idea is to make the room warmth but not over exposing the room to heat. For this proper curtains come to rescue. For artificial lighting, different lamp shades, lighting structures are available. The point to remember is that there is sufficient lighting for every corner of the room yet it can be controlled. Dimming the light for some sections or using focus lights to highlight objects and painting enhances the aesthetic feeling of the room. Instead of chandeliers, use modern lighting system to highlight small rooms looks more pleasant.

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