PostHeaderIcon Make your bathroom a safe place for family member

bathroom maintenance, bathroomBathroom has evolved over time; it is the most important room in a household. As it always remains wet we must ensure the safety level which is over looked in most of the cases. These room often becomes hazardous can lead to severe injuries especially the elderly residents. Hence here are few instructions on how you can increase the safety level of our bathroom.

You should have prior knowledge about the flooring of the bathroom it should never be too slippery and at the same time one must opt for light shaded tiles. Linoleum tiles are the best option for such cases because these tiles are water resistant. We should not keep water absorbent rugs while bathing because it increases the chances of tripping and sliding. Bath lift are the another necessary stuff for elderly people it helps them easily into and out of the tub. Grab bars should be installed on durable walls for extra protection. Bathroom is very sensitive room and we should take every necessary step to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

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