PostHeaderIcon Making your basement a cool play area for your kids

Are you wondering what to do with your basement? Many people tend to turn their basements into either a store room or a game or study room. How about changing your basement into a special playing area just for your kids? Turn the gloomy atmosphere of the basement into an exciting colourful one and give your kids a wonderful place to spend time in.

First of all, clean out the basement. Fix any leaking edges, or cracked pipes and mend broken hinges, etc. windows and ventilators should also be fixed so that dust and water doesn’t seep in. Finally make sure the ventilation is good. Paint the walls with bright colours. Place pool tables, carom boards or foosball tables if you like.

Invest in some cozy couches or carpets too for making the room look more inviting. Make sure there is enough lighting available. Make shelves and store boxes to store toys and books for the kids. Finally the dream room for your kids will be all ready to be used.

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