PostHeaderIcon Manage space to give your room a spacious look

Most houses have the problem of lack of space. People want space that is big but cannot always have it. While it may not be possible to increase a space, it definitely can be decorated in such a way that it looks bigger. Some simple décor changes can make all the differences. The basic element that a clutter free room looks spacious is unavoidable. While a messy room with too many things looks smaller; an organized room with everything at its place looks larger.

Other things that can help are lighting, paint, furniture and mirrors. Having more natural light and installing proper artificial lighting can help a lot. If the room is small, choosing neutral or bright colours are preferred than the dark colours. Further painting one wall with a dark color gives the room a depth and makes it look bigger. Proper use of mirrors can help in enhancing the space of the room. And nonetheless, using space saving multi-purpose furniture is best when space available is less.

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