PostHeaderIcon Mulching Your Flower Beds

There is inorganic and organic mulching. The difference is that for organic mulching, it decomposes while for the other it does not. Organic mulching includes shredded bark, newspaper, clippings, wood chips, and grass and cocoa beans hulls. For inorganic mulching plastic, gravel and landscape fabric is used.

Basically, mulching is applied to conserve moisture from evaporating from the soil. When mulching your flower bed organic is more prefer4d because on decomposition it enriches the soil further. In addition it also provides a habitat for earthworms that aerate the soil. The best mulching for flower bed is shredded hardwood. It is helps to keep the soil warm during winter and cool during summer. An alternative of shredded bark is wood chips. When you use shredded newspapers, cocoa beds and straw they serve the same purpose but they are not as effective as the shredded wood. In addition, newspapers are not appealing to look at.

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