PostHeaderIcon On the Georgian Style of Interior Design

To use Georgian style of interior design does not require your home to be old. This style is elegant and yet simple. It will match perfectly with a modern lifestyle. The style originated in England and dates back to many years back. However the style has evolved with time. Georgian styled colors are usually toned down. The wood work is painted in a muted white, brown or stained color. Chocolate brown has proven to be popular with many people.

The ceilings are painted with a toned down browns, grays, olive, pea green and buffs. Some people will incorporate brighter colors though. The Georgian style uses wallpaper in main living rooms. Sometimes fabric panels are used in the walls mid sections. The wall paper designs use stripes and urns designs. Festoon blinds are used for curtains with attractive fringes. Stenciled patterns are used for the floors design.

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