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cool roofThere are different categories in which roofing methods can be classified. Like say metal roofing, slate roofing, etc are considered to be the roofing method which has higher durability period as compared to other roofing methods. Amongst different methods, the cool roof is one of the methods which is newly formed and have grown their roots in the field of constructing the roof. Just like igloos in the cold regions are made a cool roof is prepared and constructed to reflect the sunlight and the intense heat of sun. This roof has many features which can let the homeowners to install cool roofs in their home. Special paint is applied on the roof which reflects the effect of the heat of sin and protects the home from inte4nse heat of the sun.

This paint acts as a sheet on the roof which protects the roof and the home from the hot temperature. Cool roofs are best preferred for the regions having hot temperature almost whole year. Cool roofs are considered more to be installed in the hot regions of the country. Not only paints but tiles or shingles which reflect the sunlight is installed in the roof to maintain the and sustain the roof from hot temperature. These roofs reflect more of heat as compared to other roofing method. It is similar to wearing light colored clothes can keep you to maintain the lower temperature, similarly painting the roof with light colors will help you to maintain the temperature of the roof and will be even energy efficient.

Cool roofs are useful in maintain the energy cost of the home because as it reflects the sun heat less consumption of electricity like AC in the home will be less as compared to other roofing method. This can be helpful for the homeowners to maintain their energy bills every month. In other words the need of air conditioners will reduce to certain extent and the energy consumption will be controlled by the home owners.

As the heat consumption by the roof will be less the attic area in the home will be used by the home owners for living as there will be no more air conditioners to close up more percentage of space in the house. Proper ventilation can be done with the help of cool roofs because the need of air conditions will be less and so the windows in the attic area can be opened and natural light will be available for the homeowners for their home.

The life of cool roof is more just like different roofing methods. The main reason beyond this life extension is the durability of the roof to bear the heat of the sun. Cool roof paint coatings are applied to the roof constructed on the home. Cool roofs have different structure which is more fascinating and beautiful if installed in the home top surface. Cool roofs are considered as environmental friendly roofs which are constructed keeping in mind the matters and the aspects of eco friendly products. The materials or the paint which is used by the roofing contractors in installing the cool roof is eco friendly and does not damage to the nature.

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Bedroom Organizing BedroomsBedroom is the best place to relax after being exhausted from our daily work. We spend our quality time in our bedrooms. The reason that sometimes our bedroom does not give us relaxation is because they are not organized. We should study how to organize our bedrooms with these simple bedroom ideas-

• Perfect paint palette- A feeling of peacefulness and tranquility can be created by painting the walls in relaxing shades of green, blue or some affluent shade that surrounds you in comfortable affection.
• Beautiful bedding- A fashionable comforter can form a new appear. This new duvet cover and identical façade looks more standard.
• Revamp old furniture- Cling to buy new furniture. Inhale new life by overhauling old furniture.
• Carpeting- An attractive carpet can easily improve the appearance of bedroom. Carpets can even go for wall carpeting than existing unbiased toned wall.
• Green with plants- Beautify your bedroom with preserved plants or small containers on shelf. Such home plant progress the air quality.
• Replace old drawers and handles- Adjoin persona and fashion by replacing the old and outdated furniture and drawers with plain and economical furniture which looks quite elegant.
• Go exotic- Cover the enclosure and produce a pensive and ardent space to rejoice.
• Wallpaper- Beautiful wallpapers can turn a plain room into a dreamy room.
• Clear the clutter- Collect all the papers and books and keep it alongside the bed table beneath the bed or in a case. Sustain a prepared bedroom and it will be more soothing and attractive.
• Hang wall picture- After all above ideas are followed in order to make a bedroom look beautiful, you should hang a wall picture so that the wall doesn’t look simple.

You can see how fun and relaxing is to organize your bedroom.

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Teenager bedroom designA bedroom makeover is the best thing to give to your children. Before anything else considering the colours is the most important thing. For a teenage girls bedroom cotton candy pinks or lime greens combined with black furniture looks classy and posh. Today’s girls do not follow the idea of the clichéd pink colours they may like bright orange teamed with purple too. For a teenage boy’s bedroom, minimalism is the best option because that’s how they like it. Royal blue or grass greens are colours they enjoy. Dark and bold colours add energy to the room making it look more like a boyish room and giving it that ambience.

Apart from the colours designing a teenager’s bedroom is an arduous task. The furniture needs to be decided on, the curtains and the wardrobes. If you are not having much space in the room it is best to keep the furniture as little as possible. Also, there is furniture which comes with a storage capacity. Usually beds have the facility of storing inside them. That’s where the pillows and blankets can be kept when not in use. If there are two teenagers sharing the same bedroom it is best to buy a double Decker bed. It is appealing to look at and the teenagers prefer this too.

The aesthetics of the room actually depend on how much clutter free you are able to keep the room. Apart from that make sure there is a study table with table lamps, either ornamental or stylish. Lights too add colour and charm to a teenager’s bedroom. Trendy rugs to cover the floor and matching curtains to go with them can be used effectively to decorate the room further. A teen’s room feels complete with a bulletin board so that they can display their arts proudly here.

PostHeaderIcon Why Modular Lounge Furniture is a good option for Home Improvement?

Modular Lounge FurnitureModular Lounge furniture is very good for renovating your house. It is an excellent home improvement tip. Many people give more importance to durability than to fashion as long as furniture are concerned as it involves huge investment and people want full value for the money that they spend. Modular lounge furniture is kind of a mixture of both comfort as well as monetary investment.

They are less expensive as compared to the old furniture and you can also get warranty for a certain span of time within which you can easily get any of the damaged part replaced for free. Modular lounge furniture are very light unlike the traditional furniture that had to be kept fixed in place and could not be shifted to some other place. This kind of furniture can suit any place of your home and can be easily moved. Due to this quality you can shift them and make enough space for conducting any party without making space a major constraint. This furniture can be bought in various varieties, colors and designs. They are very comfortable and adjust with any kind of the mood that you are in.

Another advantage of having this furniture is that a lot of its parts are recyclable and are environment friendly. They are long lasting and can be easily exchanged in future. In any case if you want to fluff them, you can do so without creating a huge dent in your pocket. You can consult a number of online retailers before you actually take a decision of buying one. You can compare the costs and the offers that each one offers and then choose accordingly. You must not be lured by the bold looks and the appeal of the furniture and not buy then at the very first instant.

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pest controlThere are numerous diseases which affect the health and living patterns of individuals due to the harmful effects of pests. Being the carriers of germs and bacteria they are the primary reason for causing illness in your house and among the members. Some of the common house pests are mosquitoes, flies, spiders, lizards, cockroaches, bed bugs and many more. One of the easiest ways to keep pests away is to call pest control once a month for regular cleansing but there are other ways too by which prevention can be done.


These are a real nuisance. When trying to get rid of rats from old houses suspected of having rat infestation make sure to clean the place of every possible trace of food and water. The foundation of the house should be checked for holes and cracks and be filled with concrete, rubber or wood. The entire house should be equipped with rat poison and mouse traps and thus it will be cleaned of rats soon.


Keeping your houses dust free by regular dusting with dusters and vacuum cleaners is one of the most important ways for spider repulsion. Calling pest control may not be such a good option after all; they use hard chemicals which may prove to be very damaging in the future. There are spider traps available at natural medical stores too. As for chemical free traps which use peanut butter and other thing which attract the spiders and later traps them with the sticky glue.


Kitchens are usually the most affected as far as insects are concerned. Insecticides with chemical presence cannot be used in kitchens because most eatables are stacked here and it leads to the contamination of food. Special chemicals for such situations or insect elimination are available at drug stores.

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concrete floorIf you are getting fed up whenever you are looking at your old and dull concrete floor, you must have a planning of an improvement project for your floor. But going for an innovation project for the floor is not an easy task. Besides being a hectic one, it is even incredibly costly if you plan to put hardwood floors and expensive carpets on the floor. So, it is a good option for you to make a research work and then continue with the planning. It is advisable for you to go for the method called stained concrete to give a new look to your floor. It will serve both your purposes of looking innovative as well as not becoming much costly.

Staining concrete is a method which if used will give your floor a new look of stones and marbles. Friends and relatives will get a topic to discuss after they visit your house and see the floor. They will think that you have become very rich and have spent thousands of dollars on the new floor. But no one will be able to know that this innovation project will only cast you around $50 per sq. meter. The most relieving factor is that stained concrete can be done within few hours of the weekend without hampering your week days work pressure. This will even cut down the huge amount that the contractors usually charge.

Besides being affordable, stained concrete is a long lasting method, which is even easily maintainable. The acid and the metallic salt based stains react with the concrete floor and change the composition. Painting the floor or putting carpets sometimes looks artificial, but this stained concrete method beautifies the floor from within. There are various ranges on designs that you can choose from your nearest home improvement store or can even order for a stained concrete kit online. An old concrete floor can look extremely innovative by the method of stained concrete which is both affordable and easy.

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dining spaceYour dining is one of the most vital parts of your home where you gather everyday to have a hearty meal. It’s also the place where you invite your guests over for a fine dinner whenever there is a party in your home. Now, it’s really tricky when it comes to colors for the dining space- as the dining room is primarily the place for eager appetite and hence you have to stick with colors that can encourage a gourmet feast. The post here is a brief on how to choose shades for your dining room.


The warm and wonderful crimson is one of the best choices when it comes to the dining space. Red encourages appetite and will influence your guests to relish your offered platter at their best. However, if you feel an all red dining space is too overwhelming, it’s better you contrast red with beige.


This is another grand choice when it comes to choosing colors for your dining space. Much akin to red, bright orange too has a key influence on appetite and a very tangerine ambience works fantastically as an appetizer. However, make sure that your dining room is quite spacious before incorporating warm orange in all your walls.


Tan is one of the most prominent choices for dining spaces. Tan carries a subtle warmth that evokes hunger and enable you to relish a good meal at your heart’s content. Tan and beige makes a suave contrast and hence interior decorators often advise on a smart blend of brown and beige for the dining spaces.

No blue

While blue is one of the prominent picks for most of the rooms, it’s a strict “No” when it comes to the dining space. Blue is basically an appetite-suppressant and hence it’s best to stay away from blue for the dining zone.

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kids room decor, home decorAre you planning a facelift for your kid’s room this time? Well, a fresh coat of paint plays a great role in any kind of room makeover and in many cases the sole factor creating a refreshing mood. When it comes to kids’ rooms there are a number of color options to go for.

You can go for the blue shade, but not the ultra light sky- your pick would be a medium blue shade. Blue is said to have a calming effect on human mind without being dull. It has been found that children playing in blue rooms usually get along well without quarrel or fight. Green is another good choice given its energizing effect.

You can trust on yellow as well. Yellow is a cheerful and happy color and would work to retain a zing effect all throughout the room. Pink is often thought for a little girl’s chamber. It’s peppy without being too loud.

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care for rugsRugs transform the look of your room by adding style and elegance. It is necessary for you to take extra care of the rugs to make it appear new every time you see it. Lack of care and attention is the reason why your rug becomes obsolete before time. There are certain tips that you be applied to enhance the durability of the rugs. The most important things that should be taken into consideration are the area where you have placed your rug. If it is under the direct ray of the sun, chances are that the color will fade out.

Remove the rug when you feel the light of the sun is at its peak and put it back again after some time. It is best to keep rotating your rug every alternate month so that the color remains intact. The rug should be clean of any dirt.

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maintain a poolIf you have a pool at your place, then there are a few things which you must keep o mind in order to keep your pool clean, well maintained and functional. Keeping your pool clean should be your priority because health comes first. Keep the pool covered when not in sue and use a net or wire mesh at night and in autumn seasons.

Use a cleanser and bleach while cleaning it. Clean the pool by draining the water every month. If you can devote some extra time, you can hand pick insects and leaves and debris off the pool with a pool handy net too. You can also hire a professional pool cleaner for the job. Have the vacuum pump and suction pump cleaned every 6 months. Change the water every month after use. The water should also be changed if it rains way too often in your area.