PostHeaderIcon Petal Pushers for Springtime Décor

Spring time is incomplete without flowers dotting the house. Flowers are perfect for all occasions whether you have a small or big party. No matter which flower you may choose, as long as they look fresh and bright they do the job.

Here are a few great ideas to display flowers in an aesthetic manner ideal for spring time décor.
Remember to cut the stems diagonally. Research shows, that cutting them diagonally ensures that water can seep into the stems properly

In order to ensure that the flowers last longer, add a little water to the vase and put a pinch of salt in to it.
Instead of going for the age old concept of planting flowers in the vase, you can go for the tea pot the next time.

If you are inviting your friends for a party, then you can display your roses and apples together in a basket. This is an eye catching and novel idea.

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