PostHeaderIcon Planning to redecorate your kitchen, effective tips and tricks

Bored with the same old look of your kitchen? If you can go for new looks and makeovers, why can’t your kitchen? Give your kitchen a whole new look by incorporating some new innovative ideas.

Here are some useful tips. Start with the overall theme. If you are looking for an ethnic and classy look, choose warm shades of brown. Start with the walls. Choose wallpaper or tiles in shades of beige or light brown or even light chrome.

When it comes to the cabinets you can go for faux finishing, glazing and crackling after you are done repainting the old cabinets to make them look as good as new. Always put projective lamination on the walls near the stove oven and gas as they tend to get more damaged than the rest of the kitchen. Make sure there is proper ventilation as well. You can then complete the look by using interesting materials like marble, stone or stainless steel for your countertops.

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