PostHeaderIcon Preparing your Bedroom for winter

There seems to be no place on earth better than your bedroom to be safe from chilling winter waves. One needs to do some modifications and preparation to make his/her bedroom more cosy and comfortable for the cold spree. First of all start with your bed sheet and replace it with a duvet of high tog rate. A tog rate of 12 is ideal for winters.

Thin cotton is not a good choice for bedding in winters. Cotton flannel or brushed cotton is appropriate to provide proper warmth. One can use electric blankets for winter bedrooms. These provide instant warmth and make you feel snug. When we wake up in morning in winters it is necessary to keep some warm clothes handy, so make arrangements for some pug or stand for clothes near your bed.

Take care of the flooring of our room. It is better to keep it covered with a carpet or rug in winters to have nice and warm experience when you get out of bed.

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