PostHeaderIcon Proper draught-proofing in your home

Draught proofing is one of the best ways of saving energy unfortunately it is been overlooked by many. During winters draught proofing can help you save a lot of energy and thus your money. While doing draught proofing you must take care that you don’t overdo it. Keep your house properly ventilated as it avoids dampness and condensation.

The Windows of your house play an important rule in draught proofing. You can use double-glazed windows or hinged and pivot windows which are considered to be the best choices. Paying attention to your doors will help you draught proofing. The gap between the bottom of the door and floor is large so sealing it can help you. You can also use plastic and metal strips which will be nailed or glued inside to the door frame. A lot of heat escapes through the floor in fact 15% of the heat. You can fix this buy filling the gaps in your floorboard with papier mache or plastic wood.

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