PostHeaderIcon Replacing a water heater drain valve

If your drain valve is not providing good water flow then it is high time to replace it because it might be clogged with impurities and dust. Leakage is another scenario when it becomes mandatory to replace your drain valve. It is a very easy job and you can easily tackle it yourself.

First of all shut off the gas supply and the main power source. Close the valve attached to cold water shut off and turn on the pressure and temperature valve at top of water heater. Attach a hosepipe to drain valve and let the water flow out to ground drain. Remove the hose when water stops flowing and then using a wrench open up old drain valve.

Use a Teflon tape to put new valve at place and then check for its tightness by opening any one of the hot water faucets. Turn on the gas supply and the main power source.

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