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rustic home decor, home decorA nice warm rustic home décor never goes amiss. There is something every intriguing about earthy rusty colors in the drapes, walls and furniture. It gives the whole room a vintage touch. If you want to living room or bedroom a rustic touch in the décor, then all you have to do is use the right elements. With the use of the right colors and accessories you can have what you want.

First of all, color the walls in nice warm and earthy shades like brick red or wine beige or even brown. Use drapes heavily. Curtains and bed sheets should be in nice copper or bronze overtones and have heavy embroidery work. Invest in a nice oriental carpet to add the classy touch. As for the furniture, you can get a few good deals on antique furniture at online auctions at cheap rates. Finally a nice vintage mirror with gold border and intricate work detailing can add the final touch.

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