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It is a good idea to keep changing the look of your home and it is best done seasonally. For instance, in summers, you can enliven your whole house by doing some basic changes. You can change the colour of your walls to something brighter. Try to include some indoor plants in the house. As for the outdoors, you could use a table and a few chairs or simply a bench. Use lighter shades of curtains.

If you live in hotter areas, it is advisable to avoid using rugs and carpets during summer. In winters, you can switch to warmer shades likes reds and yellows not just for the walls, but the furnishings too. Try to get some sunlight indoors. Also, have more lights inside the home and a fireplace is always a hotspot during winters. It is preferable to use carpets and rugs and have a lot of fabric for a cosy look.

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