PostHeaderIcon Selecting cheerful fabric for window curtains

Windows when properly draped tend to accentuate the beauty of the room. Using the right fabric to cover the windows not only improves the appearance of the room but also lends it a warm and comfortable feeling. Therefore, one needs to choose the right fabric of correct colours that will match the inside of the room and will compliment both room and its accessories. Window curtains come in all possible colours which leaves a wide range to choose from.

However, before making the choice on colours, it is imperative to choose the fabric. No one can go wrong with silk curtains due to its sheer elegance. These are not only beautiful but its unique patterns and weave lend a rich and aesthetic feeling to the room. However, it is best not to put silk curtains to prevent direct sunlight. In such circumstances, cotton is the universal choice. Its light texture mixed with numerous patterns and sleekness is incomparable. Apart from these, linens, both machines made and hand weaved play an important role in dressing a window. These are good for summer and give a relaxing look to the room.

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