PostHeaderIcon Selecting Flower patterns for your garden

The style of your garden depends heavily on accessories to obtain a scenic look. You should always set your imagination free when decorating your garden as it is a source of inspiration for you and your family Simple flower pot crafts can add elegance and color to your garden.

They infuse a feeling of optimism in the garden space which transforms into your house as well. Unique flower pot crafts can help you bring the creativeness to the garden. The process includes painting, decoupaging, stamping and embellishing the flower pot crafts.

When painting the flower pots always seal the flower pots with oil based polyurethane in order to protect the water from penetrating into the painted design. Use deco art paints which are weather resistant and saves your pot from cracking due to extreme weathers too. Use various colors to paint the pot; it helps to bring in variety and liveliness. Bright colors should always be the top preference.

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