PostHeaderIcon Shingle Style and Stick Style

The Shingle Style is an architectural style which is made popular in America. It was due to the rise of the New England Architectural School. This architectural style has English influence blended with the Colonial American architecture. This type of architecture helped to convey a sense among the people of a house as a continuous volume.

The feeling of a building as an envelope of space instead of a great mass was unorthodox then. A lot of emphasis was given on horizontal continuity for exterior wall and even for flow of spaces within the house. The Stick style is also one of the most ancient types of architectural techniques. It also has English influences in its design. Some of the features which are seen in Stick style types of houses are embedded corner tower with conical roof, spindle detailing, wrap around porch, crown detailing on the roof peaks, roof planes with bold paneled brick chimneys, etc.

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