PostHeaderIcon Simple yet effective tip to keep your kitchen counter tops good as new

Are you the one who likes your kitchen to shine bright and look slick? Well, then you better take care of the countertops as they are the heart of the kitchen and are the most busiest places of all. Read on to know how to keep those beautiful countertops clean and clear. The first and the basic rule are to clean the table regularly. By doing this, you’ll avoid any permanent marks being made. Make sure you do it before and after use, especially in the case of liquids as they have the disposition to react chemically with the countertop materials.

Keep it a habit to use washing-up liquids that are available at any supermarket these days. In case of shiny stainless steel countertops, do not use abrasive materials to clean them up as they might damage they shiny layer. Use citrus sprays to avoid cats from jumping onto your countertops.

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