PostHeaderIcon SIP – Structurally Insulated Panels

SIP is the invention which is taking house building world by storm. Its demand is increasing day-by-day. The SIP’s are used in the construction of exterior walls, floors and roofs of commercial as well as residential buildings as they conserve energy and are also comparatively cheap from traditional wood and concrete.

A home built from SIP will have tighter building shroud and the walls of the house have superior shielding properties. Also these panels take comparatively less time and labor to be assembled. The SIP’s are made from sandwiching the insulated layer of rigid polymer between the two layers of structural board. The best thing about SIP’s is its improved thermal performance. Due to the materials used to build it they are practically airtight panels. Hence you observe less cooling and less heating in winters and summers respectively. With the world going “Go-Green” SIP’s are the best available options as they minimize depletion of natural resources.

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