PostHeaderIcon Smart designs for a home office

Are you planning to work from home? But the homely ambience makes us feel a little laid back. Thus a little bit of décor is needed to give it a smart professional look.

Firstly, decide on the area. Your basement is a good option as it is separated from the other rooms. Thus you can work freely in privacy with lesser distractions. Use bright wall paints like yellow to keep you awake and jazzed up all the time. Get some decent paintings for the walls. Other wise, use wallpapers, they are trendy and cheaper than paints.

Space saving furniture is a smart choice because you have to stuff a single room with many accessories. You would need a home office desk, file cabinets, meeting table, many book shelves and most importantly a computer table. Just see, that the furniture have lots of storage capacity. Maintain harmony in your office décor, since lack of balance in the ambience is very disturbing for work.

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