PostHeaderIcon Textured walls – what is so special about them?

Painting walls is no more only about applying a shade of single colour to all the rooms of your house. Creativity and aesthetic sense has taken this domain too far and now is the time of wall texturing. In this phenomenon a wall is painted in such a way so as to give it different effects and looks like that of a sea shore or a rocky terrain or an endless sky.

This technique makes your room livelier and you feel vibrant and rejuvenated all day long. One can give amazing 3-D effects using texturing and can make his/her room come alive. Wall texturing also helps you to decorate your home in the manner you want it to be. If ou are a sea lover and want to have that blue experience then you can get your walls textured as sea interiors. So whenever you will come back home from work, there will be your own sea to welcome you.

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