PostHeaderIcon The many faces of canopies

A canopy is an overhead structure which is made from a sheltering material and steel frames. The canopies are generally designed to be placed in open air. The ideal canopy which can last up to long time should be made from galvanized steel frame and polyethylene cover. These types of canopies are generally used in portable garages and carports.

A canopy made from polyethylene cover is meant to left outdoors for several months. There are also many types of canopies which are meant for temporary use. People use these canopies for different reasons like parties, weddings, celebrations, etc. These canopies are generally known as pop-up canopies. You can also carry them out to the beach. It can be assembled and dismantled quite easily. These pop-up canopies provide the same protection as the general canopies do. They are also made from same materials as that of a normal canopy.

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