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Home Windows The style and design of your home windows gets obsolete with time and you might be thinking about replacing your old windows with new ones and prepare our house for a comfortable winters. It is very easy to change your windows if you know the right technique and the right person to contact with.

Before installing a new window you should know the exact size of window you need to buy. Window manufacturer specifies the window spacing required to install a particular window. Remove your old window using a hammer and a claw to take out the nails installed to keep window in place.

After taking out the old window make sure that there is no debris or used nails on the edges of window. Place new window in the opening and make it firm with the help of nails. Now check that window should be square and plumb otherwise it would not work properly. Now slide the window and check if it is working smoothly. If not readjust the window and check again.

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