PostHeaderIcon Tips to avoid kitchen hazards

Kitchen is both most pleasing and hazardous place in the whole house. While one cannot wait to taste the delicious dishes cooked over the stove, one can also get hurt if not careful while working in the kitchen. The presence of electrical appliances, sharp knives and forks, hot pots and pans, and presence of fire makes it a place where one must always be careful.

The basic tip that can help to avoid kitchen hazards is to keep the kitchen clean which means no spilled food or liquid. Apart from this when working with hot pots and pans or with boiling water, one must be careful. Wearing too loose clothes is never good when working around in the kitchen. Further, all knives and sharp things should be kept either in sheathes or in properly covered drawers. The electrical appliances must be used carefully and never to be touched with wet hands. Nonetheless, the enthusiastic, small children should never be left unsupervised in the kitchen.

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