PostHeaderIcon Tips to do up your guest’s room with simple tips

The guest room is a nice and functional extension of every apartment and a neatly decorated guest chamber is an excellent mark of warm hospitality. Here are some simple tips to arrange your guest’s room.

Paint up the room in soft tones like white cream or light yellow to make the place more relaxing after a long travel. Try to avoid deep shades like orange, brown or red. Add some nice wall hangings or portraits. Get a nice futon bed which serves the double purpose of sofa and bedding. Dress it up in fresh and comfortable cotton or satin bed sheets, pillow covers and cushions.

Accessories like alarm clock, a large mirror, towels, washcloths and different toiletries should be in proper place. There must be a considerable closet with extra blankets and pillows. Also get a night stand or a small table adjacent to his bed to keep his own accessories.

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