PostHeaderIcon Tips to give your home a French country style décor

If you are decorating your new and want to do it just right, you can opt for French country style decoration. The rustic style and the cozy feel of the French style is simply amazing and you have be rest assured that your will win accolades for your home décor brilliance.

For the French country style, first you need to pick bright palette for the rooms. Colors like green, blue, green and red are extremely popular. Choose from some nice variety of modern and antique furnishing. You can get differently shaped chandeliers, framed mirrors and vintage tables and chairs. Use period fabrics to re-upholster the pieces.

Adding texture to your rooms is important while decorating your home the French style. For texture you can use fabrics like thick brocade, velvet, toile and weathered wood. For that unique French mood you must decorate your home with wrought iron. Using rugs to unify the elements in your house is a good idea.

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