PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep pet fur off your rugs

The pets are indeed lovely and beautiful creatures to have, but to clean their fur off the carpets or rugs or your clothes for that matter, can be a tough chore – especially when it becomes a daily thing. Here are some tips to get it off and also to avoid further scattering. You can use a scrubber made of rubber that when stroked, creates a static charge which can attract the fur off the places where even a powerful vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

Secondly, you can hand the rugs out in the sun for sometime after dusting it with a stick, or after vacuuming it. Otherwise, using a fabric softener before vacuuming can turn out be a smart ploy as the hair softens which loosens the fur’s grip making it fall out easily. Using a wet sponge to attract the fur is also possible, but requires patience.


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