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wall hanging, wall decor  Want to decorate your walls beautifully? Well, wall hangings are some amazing art pieces that can be used to give your walls a wonderful appearance. Wall hangings come in a wide array of designs, patterns and colors and you can choose them according to the overall theme of your home décor. Some of the most popular wall hanging pieces are exquisite vignettes, wood frames, animal heads, clocks and beautiful stunning holder. You have to make sure that the wall hangings are classy and exquisite.

If you want something ethnic and stylish at the same time, you can opt for metal wall hangings. If you have a large wall you can opt for a big metal sculpture. In case of limited space you should opt for small pieces of hangings. You can also go in for tapestries. They exude charm and are a wonderful way to add life to your boring walls. A photo collage is also a good option.

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