PostHeaderIcon Wallpaper: basic decorating guide

You can choose from all possible colours, designs and textures when it comes to picking a wallpaper. Wallpapers must be chosen very carefully. Keep in mind the size of your room, availability of natural light, and the ambience you want to create.

Light colours create a fresh, airy look and are suitable for smaller rooms. They are also preferable if the room does not get plenty of natural light. Darker shades can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, darker colours create a sense of intimacy and are suitable for bedrooms. They also reflect very little light and can be used for create a sense of tranquillity in study rooms, dining rooms, etc.

Cooler shades like pinks, purples, blues and greens can be used for making a place look less confining. Warm shades like reds, yellows and browns are perfect for kitchens and other such places like living rooms.

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