PostHeaderIcon Which is better: Tiles or floorboards?

Once the exterior of the house is complete, you need to get working on the interior of the house. One of the most important issues to be considered is what kind of flooring would you like to add to your house. Of course each type has its own aesthetic value and also its own pros and cons.

Floor boards are mostly of wood. This means it might be difficult to maintain the floors. A wooden floor also implies that it is more vulnerable to getting a scratch and is probably not an advisable option if you have pets around.

Floor boards are definitely a good option for a place which is cold. However for a place which is warm the best option is to go for tiles. They stay cool and comfortable even during the hot days. Tiles are way easier to maintain. But what is important is no matter what you choose; you will have to ensure that they go with the general décor of your house.

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