PostHeaderIcon Window blinds VS shades: which is better?

Window blinds, window decorOne of the major decisions which you might have to take while designing and decorating your new home is the window installments. Some people go for window blinds and some prefer shades instead. In case you are in a dilemma regarding which one to use, you should get to know a little more about both of these styles so that it becomes easier for you to choose.

Window shades are made from mostly softer material like fabrics. The choices you have here are many but people tend to settle with vinyl. You can also go for insulated shades which can keep the temperature of your home warmer during the cold seasons. You can go for Roman styled or Arabian styled shades as you wish. All these have a cord attached to the side for adjusting them height wise. Window blinds are mad of sturdier material like jute, wood and even metal or plastic. They are easier to clean and have two cords instead of one.

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